The ones who will say, show me your truth. Share of your struggle. Trust that your story is safe. (Vicki Rivard)

Throughout history, loving caregivers — mothers and fathers, yes,— but also: grandparents, neighbours, and friends, have always helped care for and raise our young.

In the past few decades, motherhood has been transformed. A majority of mothers now work outside the home, yet women still take on the lion’s share of child care and housework. This despite the fact that both men are equally wired to nurture. Extended family is often scattered the world over and friends and neighbours standing in as aunts and uncles is a thing of the past. We’ve lost our village and now try to do it all, be it all, all on our own.

Add to this a mindset shift taking place among more and more parents. A will to parent differently then we were parented. A desire to challenge the mainstream parenting views of how we should raise our children. A motivation to work on ourselves, constantly, in an effort to break generational habits and be the parent our child needs, not the one society expects.

Parenting outside the mold is no easy task. Whether it’s backlash from friends and family who don’t understand why we “coddle” our kids so much, societal messages about raising independent yet obedient children, or a stranger’s unimpressed glance as we meet our child’s tantrum with love and respect.

Going against the tide requires grit and deep-seeded confidence, and when we feel like we’re going at this alone, it’s made all the harder. So in the absence of a real village, I’d like to welcome you to a virtual one.

Peaceful, connected parenting can change the world…but it can feel impossible to parent the way we want to parent when we are chronically sleep deprived, isolated, or feeling unsupported in our decisions. So in the absence of a real village, I’d like to welcome you to this virtual one.

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Below you’ll find information on the courses and one-to-one mentoring I offer.

Online “Baby-led Sleep” Course
100 EUR – click here to book

You and your baby/toddler are struggling to get the sleep you need. You know that sleep in the early years is crucial to brain development and well-being, but you aren’t willing to sleep train your baby. What to do? Take this course: a respect-based, connection-centered approach that will help everyone sleep better. There is no sleep training involved. I focus on attachment-focused approaches that help the child feel safe enough to fall asleep.

This course includes 8 self-paced videos, varying in length but approximately 30 minutes each. You will have access to these videos for 3 months, so you can take lots of time to watch and absorb each one. In addition to the videos, you will have access to a sleep guide that you can download and keep. It is formatted as a PDF that you can save to your desktop, iPad or iPhone. In it, you will find complimentary resources that add to the information in the videos.

This course will provide you with an understanding of sleep science and the role we, as caregivers, play in supporting our babies and young children to sleep. I touch on temperament, nutrition, environment, sleep associations, naps, emotion and relationship barriers to sleep. In the last video, I address common sleep challenges and things to think about as you work with your child to overcome them.

The package is not for anyone looking for a quick fix. I do not support, or encourage, any form of sleep training, gentle sleep training, cry it out, or controlled crying. I will never encourage parents to give up breastfeeding or co-sleeping if that is something the family still enjoys (regardless of the child’s age). This package does not include any one-on-one with me, however, I believe the content will empower you to troubleshoot the areas you believe need some attention, and implement new strategies armed with the information I have provided.

If you have gone through the content and still feel like you would like a bit of extra support, I invite you to book a mini consult with me.

Mini Consultation
150 EUR – click here to book

An opportunity to take a more in-depth look at a sleep – or any parenting – related issue you are struggling with. It is a personalized, one-on-one call with me to discuss any challenges, concerns or goals you would like some help navigating. It includes an initial 60-minute call and a 30-minute follow up call. I will help you gain a deeper, needs-based understanding of what is happening and how you can work with your child to move forward. I offer guided support that will leaves you feeling confident and empowered in your role as a parent. After each call, you will receive written notes and recommendations of everything we discuss.

This option is not for you if you’re looking for a quick fix. There is no ‘if this then that’ to parenting, which is why I include a follow-up call. Our children are unique, and so are we. The follow-up call will allow us to pinpoint any of my suggestions that don’t fit with your family, and tweak them as necessary. It’s important to note that I cannot do the work for you. This package is for you if you are ready to turn inwards, challenge old ways of thinking, and commit to making positive changes for your family.

Mentoring Package
400 EUR – available again starting in October.

You’re at a loss. Maybe you had a previously good sleeper and it’s all gone awry. Maybe your child has struggled with sleep since day one and it’s time to call in some support. Either way, I’m here to help you find sleep solutions that work for your family. I won’t ever recommend stopping something you hold sacred, whether that’s breastfeeding, bed-sharing, cuddling, rocking or nursing to sleep….regardless of age, if you and your child love it, it stays. This is about you and your family. I am simply here to help you keep the aspects of your sleep situation you love, and carefully remove the ones you don’t.

Real, lasting change happens over time. This is a month-long one-to-one mentoring package that includes 4 (virtual) meetings. During these meetings, we will discuss your concerns, challenges, and needs. It is important to me that you feel safe and nurtured through out this process. The truth is, you hold the power to parent the way you envisioned parenting all along. I’m just here to help you shed the barriers standing in the way of that. I offer guided support that will leaves you feeling confident and empowered, ready to be the parent you always imagined yourself being.

Following our first one-to-one, you will have access to a daily logging system. This helps me stay up-to-date on how things are progressing… I am here to celebrate your triumphs and gently guide you when things fall off track. Unlimited email support between our calls ensures that we stay on the same page throughout our time together. After each call, you will receive written notes and recommendations of everything we discuss. You will also receive access to the online sleep course and the accompanying guide for you to work through whenever you like.

Again, this package is not for you if you’re looking for an easy answer. Parenting is as complex as it is beautiful. I am here to help you turn inwards, challenge old parenting practices, and set new habits to help your family thrive.