The ones who will say, show me your truth. Share of your struggle. Trust that your story is safe. V.R.

Throughout history, loving caregivers — mothers and fathers, yes,— but also: grandparents, neighbours, and friends, have always helped care for and raise our young.

In the past few decades, motherhood has been transformed. A majority of mothers now work outside the home, yet women still take on the lion’s share of child care and housework. This despite the fact that both men are equally wired to nurture. Extended family is often scattered the world over and friends and neighbours standing in as aunts and uncles is a thing of the past. We’ve lost our village and now try to do it all, be it all, all on our own.

Add to this a mindset shift taking place among more and more parents. A will to parent differently then we were parented. A desire to challenge the mainstream parenting views of how we should raise our children. A motivation to work on ourselves, constantly, in an effort to break generational habits and be the parent our child needs, not the one society expects.

Parenting outside the mold is no easy task. Whether it’s backlash from friends and family who don’t understand why we “coddle” our kids so much, societal messages about raising independent yet obedient children, or a stranger’s unimpressed glance as we meet our child’s tantrum with love and respect.

Going against the tide requires grit and deep-seeded confidence, and when we feel like we’re going at this alone, it’s made all the harder. So in the absence of a real village, I’d like to welcome you to a virtual one. Join us on facebook, an open, non-judgemental group of like-minded parents supporting one another. We are here to validate, encourage, and uplift each other. A place to share our stories and, when asked, offer advice and insight. We identify as many types of parents -attachment, Montessori, Waldorf, RIE, gentle, peaceful, respect-based, free range, the ‘just trying to get through the toddler years’ variety…whatever label you wear (or reject) is fine with us.

More than anything, we are here to support one another as we support the children we share our lives with. Mothers nurturing mothers.

**Group coming soon!**